Tempting Failure 2016

Tempting Failure 2016
29th June 2016 Sid
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Tempting Failure
TF2016 London, 21st – 29th July

Tempting Failure is a festival of international performance art and noise art, showcasing under-represented or extreme artwork that may interrogate risk or challenge preconceptions.

Tempting Failure showcases a programme of artwork that is usually sidelined by producers and arts venues for being logistically too difficult, unexpected, prone to censorship or perhaps deemed too ‘extreme’. We provide a high profile and professional platform, working with artists to establish a supportive environment where logistically restrictive practice can be presented in a safe and contextualised manner.

We foreground local artists, alongside national and international practices. Never hiding behind obtuse overly academic contexts, but rather making artwork accessible, while certainly intellectual, but equally open to all.

In 2015 Tempting Failure evolved to reform as a registered CIC in England & Wales. We are therefore legally enshrined as not-for-profit and have chosen to elevate the artists we programme, the communities we work with, the speakers we facilitate and the masterclasses we host above all else.


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