17th April 2016 Sid

Savage. A Film By Rico (Vident Media).

Ric Porter took his then muse Ms De’ath to the studio of artist Martin Fraser to create this unique erotic art production, stills from which are soon to be available as a limited edition photo book.

The idea behind the project is what might happen if a savage, raised outside of the modern world, was dropped into the 21st Century; into an art gallery.

What would the savage think? How would she relate to the images? And what would the art think of the savage?

Various experimental pieces within this film reflect themes of art, bondage, drowning, and birth.

The original ideas and soundtrack within the production are by Ric Porter who is the co-producer, cameraman and editor.

Vident Media.
Vident Media is a production company set up by Ric Porter, specialising in art, music and design.
Twitter: @loadedric

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