Rubber Doll Rituals – Rubber Doll Dance

Rubber Doll Rituals – Rubber Doll Dance
10th December 2015 Sid
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Rubber Doll Rituals – Rubber Doll Dance
Mary Jale, Dirty Dollbaby & Madama Devon in rubber
Produced by Maria Beatty and Rachel May, Directed by Bleu

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  1. Acoupleofkooks 7 years ago

    Not loading! And my comment is too short! Not confidence inducing in new website!

    • Sid 7 years ago

      First, thank you @acoupleofkooks for joining us in this period of beta testing the site before the 1st May launch. Your feedback is valuable in ensuring that, by then, our site functions brilliantly.

      I’ve tested this video in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Vivaldi, on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and have not been able to reproduce the error you have encountered.

      Please let me know what platform and what browser you are using. Thanks.

  2. Acoupleofkooks 7 years ago

    I have to say you’re extremely gracious in reply! Thank you, we’re currently using an iPad. Haven’t tested it on anything else as yet.

  3. Acoupleofkooks 7 years ago

    Oh and the other Rubberdoll clip equally doesn’t load. Everything else I have tried does. Hope that helps.

    The Hd quality that one would now expect, from those seen so far, that
    is missing.

    • Sid 7 years ago

      Thank you for your helpful responses, @acoupleofkooks. Graciousness, style, class, and elegance is what KFS-TV is all about 🙂

      I don’t own an iPad, so that is the only device on which I’ve not been able to test the videos. However our CEO Tim Woodward is proud owner of an iPad, and I shall therefore pass your messages on to him.

      Thank you again for participating in this beta trial of KFS-TV, and for the valuable feedback that assists us in improving the platform in anticipation of the official launch on 1st May. We hope you’ll love it and stay with us!

  4. Tim Woodward 7 years ago

    Hi everyone. I have just tried this on my iPad and and it does not play

    Many thanks for pointing this out – it’s really useful to get this feedback, so we can iron out problems like this while we are in beta

    We will get on the case as quickly as we can – over to you Sid!

    All the best, Tim

    • Sid 7 years ago

      Just tried it on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) and it plays absolutely fine, so this looks to be uniquely an Apple problem. Has anyone tested on an iPhone?

      In any case, I’ll investigate.

      • Tim Woodward 7 years ago

        Can’t get it to play on my iphone????

        Same with other Rubber Doll Rituals videos

      • Tim Woodward 7 years ago

        A quick word about hd quality – we always shoot our own films in the best quality, but we do have some old stuff that we love – but which was shot years ago n poor quality

        Also, we sometimes get great stuff sent to us that’s not the best hd

        Also, we have to remember some viewers have slower broadband and cannot stream super high quality

  5. Tim Woodward 7 years ago

    Just tried a few other random videos on my iPhone and no problems. Looks like it’s only the Rubber Doll Ritual ones that won’t play, just based on this small sample

  6. Tim Woodward 7 years ago

    This video now plays fine on my iPad. Whatever you did to fix it can now be done to the other one from Rubber Doll Rituals

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