Miss Foxx

Miss Foxx
8th February 2019 Kitten


Filmed by Duke www.filmedbyduke.co.uk

Comments (4)

  1. AntonM.Pelican 4 years ago

    Splendid video, with excellent photography…Miss Foxx is very beautiful and extremely seductive!

  2. MrDarcy4321 4 years ago

    Yes, what a delightful video

  3. MrDarcy4321 4 years ago

    Further to my last comment, I can’t hear any sound. Er, this could be user error, but if not I wonder if sound would further enhance the video. On the other hand, I can understand if the sound is deliberately unavailable–perhaps that increases the sense of intrigue.

  4. MrDarcy4321 4 years ago

    Ahem, it was user error….sound control is on bottom right of video. Egg over my face as usual…

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