London Fetish Girls (full movie)

London Fetish Girls (full movie)
21st January 2016 Sid
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London Fetish Girls is an hour and a half of stylish and erotic BDSM, starring the most famous fetish girls from the London scene, with guest star Emily Marilyn from Hollywood.

See Rita Rush play with Emily in the medical room, the electricity sparkling and crackling in the blue light as Rita, in skin-tight white latex, builds Emily up to an intense climax.

We’re in Strapon Jane’s dungeon in the heart of London’s West End and pretty submissive Saffy is locked inside a steel cage, waiting anxiously while Jane straps on her massive cock. Saffy kneels in anticipation, her bum in the air, as Jane spanks her harder and harder…

Carla Hamilton is a human suitcase, her body totally enclosed in a bondage box.

Her high heels click on the stairs as she climbs up to the loft of the old warehouse, high above the river, black stockings on her long legs, her private parts naked. Mistress Red is waiting for her, swishing her crop as Carla gets nearer. Pretty blonde Jamie handcuffs Carla to an overhead beam, then restrains her legs apart with a spreader bar for Mistress Red’s pleasure.

An old Jaguar glides to the kerb beside the warehouse. Valeria Dragova steps out, dressed only in a fur coat, stockings, corset and high heels, and enters the building. Valeria throws off her coat and climbs the stairs to the loft, looking out across London’s Docklands on a starry night. In a side room, she sees a fetish film playing on a laptop – it’s the famous dominatrix Morigan Hell, looking fabulous in fishnet stockings and a strapon dildo. Valeria spreads her legs in the dark room and starts to play with herself as she watches. She notices a large glass dildo nearby and can’t resist it. Unseen, someone else is watching her…

Produced by Tim Woodward and directed by Elizabeth Bennett, with original music by Mark Fielding, this is a fetish essential. The DVD contains four scenes and also a bonus feature of still photos taken on the film set, for your collection.

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  1. Dick Turpin 7 years ago

    Emmensely Educational
    Erousingly Erotic
    Beautifully BDSM-ic

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