21st January 2016 Sid
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Produced by Sensate Films
Directed by Hyperballad, Gala Vanting, Aven Frey
Cinematography by Aven Frey, Gala Vanting
Editing by Aven Frey
Sound by James Paul

Synopsis: Hyperballad investigates her erotic preoccupation with hands. For her, hands provide a touch that embodies generosity, safety, and devotion unmatched by any other mode of eroticism. The articulated subtleties and micro-abilities of such sensitive digits deliver her into a space of blissful completeness.

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  1. Crystal_Claire 7 years ago

    Wonderful. I almost felt as if I was there in the scene. We only see the hands, not whose they are. Perhaps no ones, perhaps hers? Lovely photography. I forgot about work and all other thoughts left me for the brief moment I was watching this film. Quite astonishing. Thanks for sharing.


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