21st January 2016 Sid
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Flare was conceived by an intrepid lighting designer with a curious spirit and a kink or two.  Sensate’s most technically ambitious project thus far, it captures two lovers in motion towards transcendence via the vehicles of breath, presence, and pointy things.  Magnolia and Abbey are tenderness incarnate, and they bring to the screen a reminder of the care that is required in such delicate matters.

Produced by Sensate Films
Directed by Gala Vanting, Lighten
Cinematograpy by Aven Frey, Gala Vanting
Lighting Design by Lighten
Lighting Operation by AJ Spacewombat
Editing by Aven Frey
Sound by Richard Lawrence, James Paul

Synopsis: The rhythms and revolutions of the submissive spectrum are explored in painstaking detail in this meditative scene.  Abbey is bottom-as-journeyman, led skillfully into and out of that surreal space by his lover Magnolia, who draws his very breath along with her as she moves.  ‘Flare’ provokes us as to just where sensation, however soft or sharp, may take us.

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