1. Registration, login, and username

2. Managing media

3. Privacy

  • Q: Will you ever share my email address or other personal information with a 3rd party?

1. Registration, login, and username

Q: When I tried to register an account I received the error message: “ERROR: JavaScript and Cookies are required in order to register. Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser, and reload the page.”

Go to your browser’s ‘Preferences’ and ensure that Javascript and Cookies are enabled.

Q: I tried to register with the username XXXX XXXX but it wouldn’t let me.

Your username must be a string of alphanumeric characters; the underscore ‘_’ is also permitted, but there must be no white spaces in the name.  So tommyatkins and tommy_atkins are both OK, but tommy atkins (with a space between first and second name) isn’t.  You can still use a two-word name like Tommy Atkins as your ‘Screen name’, however.

Q: I am having problems registering.

  • Please email support@kfstv.net with a description of your problem.

Q: I created an account but now cannot log into it from the login form.

  1. Ensure that you enter your login ID (username) and not your display name.
  2. Ensure that your password is correct (for example, that you do not have Caps Lock on).

Q: Can I change my username?

You cannot change your username, but you can change your screen name. See below.

Q: How do I change my password?

Please follow the instructions in the graphic below:

Q: How do I delete my account?

We really hate to see you go, but if for whatever reason you wish to delete your subscription, please click My Account on the top bar. Click Subscription and then Delete.

2. Managing media

Q: What format are your films in? are they streaming only or available for download?

All our own videos are in .mp4 or .webm format and are available for browser streaming by default (on Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and all other platforms), and also as downloadable files if your browser allows it. The videos have no limitations or DRM set upon them – if downloaded they’re usable by you forever, whether your subscription remains active or not.

Q: Just tried to upload a video onto my profile but no joy. It was an mov file, 12.8 mb – I guess  that’s not acceptable.

Yep, that’s really not acceptable, I’m afraid.  The only universally web-friendly formats are .mp4 and .webm

So if the video you’d like to share with us is in another format (MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG, AVI, M4V, etc) you should first convert it to MP4 prior to uploading.  You can do this using an online converter such as Zamzar, Online-Convert, Online Video Converter, or Convertio.

3. Privacy

Q: Will you ever share my email address or other personal information with a 3rd party?

No, no, and no! We believe there’s more than enough spam in the universe and we take your privacy (and the state of your inbox) seriously. Your personal information is used for verification and billing purposes, and also for correspondence regarding technical support and subscriptions. That’s it, and we like it that way.  You can read more about our privacy policy on our Community Guidelines page.