Anita interviews fetish photographer Nic Marchant

Anita interviews fetish photographer Nic Marchant
29th October 2016 Sid
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Anita De Bauch interviews Fetish Photographer Nic Marchant

Having published fetish photography for thirty years, mostly in Skin Two magazine, I have been asked countless times what makes a really classy fetish image. Of course, it’s all subjective – you like what you like and there’s no right or wrong.

Except there is really, I’m afraid. The vast majority of images sent to me are just awful. Putting a pretty girl into a rubber frock and taking her photo really doesn’t do it.

I tell photographers to look at the work of Gerard Musy, Bob Carlos Clarke, Helmut Newton or Nic Marchant etc. and see how the experts do it. So now we have done just that for KFS TV…

We take you to Nic Marchant’s studio, where top fetish model Anita De Bauch poses for Nic and interviews him in depth about his work and what makes a really stylish image. Anyone interested in really super fetish photography will love this. (Anyone who just wants to look at lovely photos of Anita will love it too…)

Tim Woodward

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