Community Guidelines

When you sign up for an account on KFS-TV you are certifying that:

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you will show consideration for other members of KFS-TV, including no flaming, no soliciting, no harassment of other members, and no offensive language of any kind
  • any content (images, video, whatever) you upload must be your own, or in the public domain, or have an appropriate licence (e.g. Creative Commons) that legally permits you to post it
  • you will not use this site for commercial activities, either your own or on behalf of a third party
  • by using KFS-TV, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use“) set out in full on this linked page.

KFS-TV reserves the absolute right to immediately suspend or terminate the account of any member who infringes one or more of the terms and conditions set out above and in the rest of this page.

And now the small print …

Personal Use Only

KFS-TV is made available for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use KFS-TV to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your own web site for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales. You may not take content from KFS-TV and reformat and display them without prior written permission, nor mirror KFS-TV home page or internal pages on your own web site. You may not ‘meta-search’ KFS-TV.

If you are interested in adding a KFS-TV link or logo to your web site or your organisation’s web site, we encourage you to do so but would ask that you contact us before doing so.

Privacy Policy

KFS-TV (and parent company KFS Media Ltd) is in full legal compliance with Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and data protection legislation. We will respect your privacy and will never share your personal details with a third party, nor use your data for any purpose other than for sending registered users an occasional newsletter and for the internal administration of the site.

Your username

When registering an account on KFS-TV you will be asked to choose a ‘username’ and a ‘screen name’.  The former will be your unique identifier, and will therefore be the only information you submit that can never be changed.  It will also be displayed in your profile and may be used for ‘mentions’ by others, so we strongly urge you to consider selecting a username that will not disclose your true identity.  Your ‘screen name’, on the other hand, is the ‘friendly’ display form of your name, and you will be able to change this if you wish.

Your password

When you create an account, your password is encrypted and not readable by humans. It is therefore safe. You are able to change your password any time you wish via your profile.


Intellectual Property Policy

You will retain legal ownership of any media (images, text, video) you upload.

When uploading third-party media of any kind to KFS-TV you must do so in full compliance with UK copyright law. It is our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement of UK copyright law by members in an appropriate manner, including the removal or disabling of access to material claimed to be the subject of infringing activity.

KFS Media Ltd disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of information or media displayed on KFS-TV. KFS Media Ltd disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or media through KFS-TV

Use of content

If you want to make commercial use of content posted to KFS-TV, you must enter into an agreement with the parent company, KFS Media Ltd, prior to doing so. Please contact us for more information.

Irrelevant or offensive content

It may sometimes happen that we deem uploaded material to be offensive, irrelevant to, or inappropriate for the purpose of this site, and therefore reserve the right to delete it without warning or explanation.

Linked content

Any sites linked from KFS-TV are developed by people over whom KFS-TV exercises no control. We cannot guarantee that a link will not lead to unintended or objectionable content and assume no responsibility for the content of any site linked by KFS-TV