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KFS TV is a unique way to reach the intelligent man or woman with an interest in alternative sexuality, anywhere in the world, 24/7. Anyone with a laptop, TV set, smartphone, iPad, almost anything connected to the web. That’s a lot of people …

We’re not talking about porno here. You will never see anything tacky or hardcore on KFS TV. We feature documentaries, feature films, interviews, fashion, art, instructional and experimental video – all with integrity and good humour.

Your promotional video will appear in the Sponsored Video section, where anyone can view it – not just members.

Your video can also appear on YouTube or wherever you like. Link to it on your website and in your newsletters to customers. Let it work for you!

Make your ad cool, informative and stylish, to appeal to our customers. No nudity, keep it tasteful.

Your video ad can be of any duration you wish, but it is best to go for just a few minutes for ads to work well. Look at promotional videos from upscale companies on YouTube for inspiration. For example, Lelo have managed to produce some tasteful videos for sex toys, see, for example.

Preferred format is MP4 (H264 video / AAC audio) at 1080p in as small a file size as you can manage. (FLV is not ideal, due to incompatibility with Android and IOS, but we can convert files if we need to.) Ads can be zipped and sent to us via Otherwise, Filemail is a good method, see

What if you don’t have the skills to shoot and edit a really cool short film that shows your products in the best light? We can recommend film-makers we know in the UK and USA who will do a good job for you at a reasonable price.

Our Advertising Manager Mark Rodgers can help.

Phone: 020 8460 5102
From overseas: +44 20 8460 5102
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