These Girls Are Fools (1950)

These Girls Are Fools (1950)
4th February 2016 Sid
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These Girls Are Fools
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These Girls Are Fools was also released as Hell is a Place Called Hollywood (1950) and reissued in 1956, but may have been filmed in the ’40s. This is both a time capsule and an ironic oddity: a Hollywood exploitation film about the dangers of exploitation in Hollywood. A naive girl with dreams of stardom lands her first role in a dubious ‘art film’.  Unable to get any more film offers, she is forced to work as a nude model for cheap girlie magazines. The last session shows her in bondage with whip marks on her back to illustrate a fetishistic story. Quite daring for its time. This was most likely made for independent theaters that ran seedy B-movies about drug addiction, prostitution, female wrestling, and so forth.

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