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Welcome to KFS-TV!

Launched 2016, KFS TV is a brand new internet TV channel for connoisseurs of high quality alternative sexuality broadcasting, which you can view 24/7, on almost any device, from your TV set to your laptop, Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone.

We celebrate alternative sexuality with humour, integrity and style. You will find documentaries, feature films, fashion, interviews, nightlife – all kinds of programmes covering BDSM, fetish, swinging, bisexuality, cabaret, burlesque, bondage, cross dressing and more. All the many colourful shades of kinky sexuality.

One thing you won’t find here is pornography--there’s nothing sexist or tacky here. Well, nothing sexist anyway …

So who are we and what do we know about all this? Well, our CEO is Tim Woodward, who founded Skin Two magazine in 1984, hosted fetish events in the UK, USA and Australia, made a film, published books and launched our own KFS Magazine. So we are pretty familiar with the world of kink.

If you are a film-maker and would like us to broadcast your work, we would love to hear from you.

Soon we will support the channel by charging a small membership fee. But it’s all free while we get it just right, so log in whenever you like on any device and enjoy.

If you love intelligent kinky sexuality, you should find something here to entertain you, amuse you, inform you – even maybe change your life.

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